Bead Bottle

Bead Bottle was created by Peyote Bird Designs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We believe that Bead Bottle is an inspiring and creative product for you to enjoy yourself or give as a gift to your loved ones. You will forever cherish your memories of family vacations and unique friendships; Bead Bottle is a distinctive and creative product designed to honor those important moments in life worth remembering.

Each Bead Bottle is designed in our Santa Fe, New Mexico studio.


Peyote Bird

Peyote Bird Designs is a privately owned and operated watch and jewelry company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Founded in 1974 by owner and CEO Mark Alexander, Peyote Bird believes in timeless design and premier craftsmanship; their matchless aesthetic draws inspiration from the vibrant cultural heritage of their Santa Fe team and the artists they work with all over the world.